Time-Saving Product Management Software

Keep tabs on your products with this easy to use Product Management Software. You can now list all of your products and manage their parameters easily according to your needs!

The Product functionality of Mango permits you to store the list of all products, add custom fields if you have specific needs, and define a bill of material if you are building products. In order to help you get your products under control, an important set of fields is available to define and price your products. You can also price them per client, or group of clients.

Not only products but also services...

Mango can certainly manage your products but it is also an excellent platform to manage your services, define your availability, the number of attendee and the team that is going to provide the service...

All those details will appear in your calendar and will help you to manage your sessions, classes , courses...

Do you want to know more? book an appointment and test this fonctionality first hand!

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