Why an ERP for Small Businesses?

ERPs, or Enterprise Resource Planning, are information systems that allow companies to efficiently manage their resources, including finance, logistics and human resources. Although ERPs are often associated with large enterprises, more and more small businesses are turning to these systems to optimize their efficiency and improve their competitiveness. Small businesses can have complex business models! In Hong Kong and Singapore most of the small companies have to deal with multiple currencies or shipment and stock management. We are going to explain here all the benefits a small company can get using a tool such as Mango!

Improved data visibility

Mango provides complete visibility into business activities. Data is centralized and organized in a way that allows for in-depth analysis, helping to better understand business performance and identify areas that need improvement. Our clients can thus make informed decisions based on reliable and accurate data.

Integration of business processes

Small businesses often have fragmented business processes, managed independently by different departments or employees. An ERP helps integrate these business processes, providing a centralized system that coordinates all business activities. This reduces errors and delays, improves efficiency and enables faster decision making.

Improved internal communication

ERPs improve internal communication between departments and employees. The data is centralized and accessible to everyone, which facilitates collaboration and coordination between the various stakeholders. Small businesses can thus avoid information silos, which are common in companies where departments work independently. Of course it is also possible to secure private data and Mango is providing a specific  user permission management  for this but you will always be able to share what needs to be shared in the interest of your activity.


Cost reduction

ERPs reduce costs by automating processes and improving operational efficiency. Small businesses can also save money by avoiding the costs of maintaining different systems and software. Staff training costs are also reduced, as employees only need to learn how to use a centralized system. 

Tasks automation

ERPs make it possible to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Small businesses can save time and resources by using tools that automate processes such as  invoicing ,  inventory management  and  payroll management. It also reduces human error, which improves data quality.

Improved decision-making

ERPs such as Mango provide real-time information about business performance, allowing more informed decisions to be made. Small businesses can adapt their strategy and activities in real time to meet market challenges. Decisions made on the basis of reliable and accurate data are also more likely to be successful.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Small businesses often face regulatory compliance challenges. ERPs help simplify regulatory compliance by providing built-in compliance functionality, including risk management, activity traceability, and compliance reporting. This allows small businesses to comply with applicable regulations, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Flexibility and scalability

ERPs are designed to be flexible and scalable, making them suitable for the needs of small businesses. Small businesses can choose the modules that fit their needs and expand the system as their business grows. ERPs are also scalable and can support more data as the business grows.


 Dealing with people

Improved human resource management

ERPs offer integrated human resource management functionalities, including the management of leave, absences and benefits. This reduces the workload of managers and facilitates the management of human resources in small companies, which often have limited resources.

Improved customer satisfaction

Mango can improve  customer satisfaction by providing complete visibility into  business processes . This allows small businesses to better manage customer orders, optimize delivery times, and respond quickly to customer requests. This can improve customer retention and boost company reputation.


In conclusion, Our ERP offers many advantages for small businesses. It helps integrate business processes, improves data visibility, automates tasks, improves internal communication, reduces costs, improves decision-making, simplifies regulatory compliance, provides flexibility and scalability, improves human resource management and improves customer satisfaction. Small businesses that use Mango can improve their efficiency and competitiveness in the market. It is therefore important for small businesses to consider our ERP as an investment in their future.

Beside, on top of our ERP, Mango is coming with our support team of dedicated professionals to help you on your day to day company management 

You can try our tool for free without any engagement for 30 days and join the hundreds of users that are using Mango daily to facilitate their business.



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