Easy to use online software

Enjoy Mango and its easy to use invoicing feature, which will save you time and effort. Discover countless possibilities of invoicing templates, track the status of your invoices, send your invoices from the software and much more!

Create professional looking invoices in seconds

Thanks to existing templates, you can create your invoices easily. This time-saving tool allows you to have professional looking invoices without effort. However, for those who want a more detailed and specific invoice,  you can design and save your own template to have it tailored to your needs!

Invoice status tracking and automated payment reminders

At any given time you can track the status of your invoices (sent, paid, overdue….)
You can also create recurring invoices and set automated payment reminders to your clients.

Automated credit notes for over payment

Over payments automatically create credit notes to remind you that you have an account open with the given client.
Credit notes can easily be created and either used as a way of payment for the next invoice or simply paid back.

Easily send emails and invoices

Once you are finished, your invoices can be emailed directly to your clients from Mango, and payment can be done either invoice by invoice or as a batch payment.

Multi-currency invoices

As lot of our clients work internationally, invoices can support multiple currencies which permits you to invoice in your client's preferred currency and still have your own.

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