Payroll software that makes you save time
Mango wants to help you boost your business, not only by helping you with your invoicing and expenses but also with this payroll feature. This will allow you to manage your employees, their contracts, and their payroll.
Automated expenses

Once you have entered your employee's payroll, the software allows you to generate an expense automatically for account purposes.
Automated and recursive payroll
To adapt to your company's needs, payroll can be entered automatically from a timesheet or set manually if timesheets are not used. Payroll can also be recursive or not.
Tax entries and multi-currency

Lastly, understanding the challenge of working internationally, tax and social insurance entries can be entered in any currency. 
Automated commission creation
Within the Payroll function, commission can either be automatically created from the invoices or entered manually. Time and commission can be tracked separately from the payroll if necessary.

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