Project And Time Tracking

Manage your projects and boost your business

Easily create and manage all of your projects and tasks, associate them to users, clients and other contacts, track the time spent on every project and finally know how productive you are!

All of your projects can be associated to expenses and invoices to have a refined analysis of project P&L. Projects can also be associated to users, clients, suppliers and contacts with various roles within the project. Projects can also be shared through multiple companies collaborating on the same project.  

Here at Mango, we understand the importance of project and time tracking for small businesses. Therefore, we have developed a feature that looks at which activities are profitable or have taken more time than expected.

Projects are made of a set of tasks
that can be assigned to a user, and can be followed easily by the Project Manager. Tasks can be automatically generated from a defined process, so you don't lose time recreating them!

In order to help you manage your project easily, project status and sprints can be followed on Kanban or on Gantt charts, which will allow you to have a better understanding of each project's progress, and the work still needing to be done.

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