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Let us help you ensure the success of your company

For all of you small business founders and owners based in Hong Kong, we offer multiple services to help create and develop your business.

From now on, you can rely on a professional team of accountants, bookkeepers, and secretaries to help you at every step and support you when needed. Whether you need a hand to register your company, do your accounting or optimise your taxes we can be on your side.



For those who struggle with their accounting, we offer face to face meetings in order to help you with accounting principles. We take charge of invoicing, the establishment of your stock, track payments and refunds ... The first meeting allows us to estimate a transaction number per month for your company and then permits us to offer you different packages adapted to your needs.

From now on don't worry about getting your bookkeeping, our team will be beside you to get you the support you need for the entire year!
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For those who might need help with secretary and administrative work, we offer different packages to meet your different needs. Whether you need help to set up your company or to get company secretary service for a year, our team is here to help you!
Our first package allows you to get help to set up your business. As for our second package, it consists of company secretary services for a year, and we offer you the company creation fee present in the first package!
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Business Advice

For those needing business advice, we offer support for any business management decision such as transfer, allotting share, share holder agreement, business valuation, sell purchase share agreement and more... 
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